Monday, September 20, 2010

US "reqested" to return Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

Rehman Malik is now politely requesting the US to hand over his Muslim sister Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. The appeal is that it would create goodwill for the US in Pakistan! Barring the straightforward argument of her being a Pakistani and her kidnapping being nothing more than an act of aggression against this country, he did not even use the numerous international laws in this matter. I cannot think of a more pathetic argument, and I am certain that Malik knows this will not achieve much. This is merely lip service to calm the distressed masses.

An earlier appeal by Zardari similarly (and predictably) had no effect.

Despite the near unanimous opposition of the general public of Pakistan, the "democratic" government is unable to do anything about the situation, and in fact is ready and willing to hand over more people that the US may desire to be labelled "terrorsits". While Dr. Aafia may have been charged with firing upon her captors (who by the way, illegally took her into custody), hundreds of Pakistani Muslims are being killed regularly in drone attacks on Pakistani soil, with tacit approval of this "democratic" government. When will the people realize that this is nothing but a big scam. When will they lift the wool from their eyes. We do not want this kind of "democracy" that will not safeguard its own people.


Uni said...

This whole issue is bogus! And every sane person knows it. The tragedy is, that the main people in power (who can actually do something about this) are all 'sold out' - their imaans are gone (if they're Muslims) and their humanity is gone (otherwise).

That's the pathetic part, that the people who WANT to do so much for her, and UNABLE to do so. Except protest, whatever.

Good post

Zohair said...

@Uni. Correct. And like every other injustice meted out by our puppet rulers, this too will be swept under the rug :/