Monday, February 21, 2011

Davis a spy

Raymond Davis turns out to be a spy. Who'd have guessed?
Kudos to the Guardian for some excellent journalism.
"A number of US media outlets learned about Davis's CIA role but have
kept it under wraps at the request of the Obama administration. A
Colorado television station, 9NEWS, made a connection after speaking
to Davis's wife. She referred its inquiries to a number in Washington
which turned out to be the CIA. The station removed the CIA reference
from its website at the request of the US government."
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Lets see our fearless leaders wriggle out of this one. (They will, of course... the interests of the Master must be served).

Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Reading

Since we're all waiting on the edge of our seats for all the Arab states to revolt and inevitably (really?) revert to democracy, we continue with some more topics on the same.

To start with, Bill Bonner's acerbic wit on democracy being "in our nature":
Is it possible that democracy is just the flavor of the month…an evolutionary development, like all the forms of government that came before it? Is it possible that it succeeded in the 20th century because it was much better adapted to leeching out the wealth and complicity of the average man? It gave him a stake in the system – like getting some prisoners to guard each other, or bribing taxpayers to rat out their neighbors to the IRS? Isn’t it possible that by giving the masses a “voice,” the elites who really control government are better able to take his money…and, if necessary, his life?

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Chmosky recently wrote a piece in the Guardian:
A common refrain among pundits is that fear of radical Islam requires (reluctant) opposition to democracy on pragmatic grounds. While not without some merit, the formulation is misleading. The general threat has always been independence. The US and its allies have regularly supported radical Islamists, sometimes to prevent the threat of secular nationalism.

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The Brooking's institute spells out the path to war in Iran. (I wonder if the same can be used in Pakistan, or has already been... )
We must look into the minds of those that shape US foreign policy and sweep aside the distracting rhetoric they feed us. US foreign policy is shaped by organizations like the Brookings Institute which consist of members of the largest corporations and banks on earth. These corporations are not only disinterested in security, but thrive on the war and conflict insecurity breeds.

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