Monday, March 7, 2011

Autocrat Against Autocrat

Obama has asked Saudi Arabia to arm the rebels in Libya, according to the Independant
If the Saudi government accedes to America's request to send guns and missiles to Libyan rebels, however, it would be almost impossible for President Barack Obama to condemn the kingdom for any violence against the Shias of the north-east provinces.

Thus has the Arab awakening, the demand for democracy in North Africa, the Shia revolt and the rising against Gaddafi become entangled in the space of just a few hours with US military priorities in the region.

Isn't this what we were just talking about? Is this how our western "friends" treat us? Cannon fodder? When will we open our eyes and wake up to what is happening. For years the puppets imposed on the Muslim world have kissed the West's feet. Now they want Muslims to fight Muslims so they can watch in glee.

Will Saudi Arabia assent to US pressure? Will the "guardians of the Harmain Shareefain" play a part in spilling Muslim blood? I pray not. But my gut (and history) tells me they will. May Allah have mercy on us all, and protect us from such traitors.

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