Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bhatti assassinated

The news today is grim. Another minister has been assassinated and leaflets pointing to Taliban involvement have been planted.

Already, the liberals in Pakistan, and Western media have started praising Bhatti and decrying the enormity of the crime that has been committed.

The crime in itself is horrendous in the fact that it exposes the vulnerability of the law and order situation in Pakistan. It glaringly shows the lack of power exercised by the Pakistani government in its own capital. But what is even more important to note is that these same voices that have been so quick to come to the defense of Bhatti, were so silent when a US spy killed two Pakistani citizens in broad daylight, and caused the indirect deaths of two others. In fact, many "liberals" openly backed Davis! Isn't this clear hypocrisy?

If you can prove someone's inconsistency, that should be enough to destroy trust. Shouldn't the liberals now stop pretending that they're patriots? Their cover has been blown wide.

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