Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Constitutional Worship

Day in and day out, politicians like to throw the constitution in our faces. This document, created by fallible human beings, has become a symbol of the State. The words of a constitution are considered as if written in stone and to act against them, or to repeal it outright considered an act of treason. It has become a sacred relic and is being pushed as a replacement to the Divine Law. Here is a passage from "The Commandments" by Jill Lepore talking about the US constitution.

In 1924, it was put on display in the Library of Congress, for the first time ever. Before then, no one had thought of that. It spent the Second World War at Fort Knox. In 1952, it was driven in an armored tank under military guard to the National Archives, where it remains, in a shrine in the rotunda, alongside the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

Today, I hear, tourists to the Library of Congress can gaze at the constitution's magnificence. Ponder its prose. And express awe at what is being advertised as the most important piece of writing in the "free world".

Not to be outdone, we do the same with our own version. Our politicians, both elected and not, don't waste a single opportunity to refer to this piece of paper.

Have we lost our minds? Is what a bunch of men wrote down a few years ago more important than what Allah and His Messenger (SAWS) sent to us. The way our government and state representatives act, you would think this to be the case. We have accepted our very own constitution, which our elders once wrote down, as the word of law. Not only that, we have relegated the Quran to something we read over the dead. A mere curiosity.

We the so called "protectors" of the Quran are the same people who have let it down. The Florida pastor didn't need to burn a copy of the holy Book. We already removed it from our hearts years ago.

Allah save us all.

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