Monday, March 28, 2011

Crusaders and the Role of Pakistan

Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal of the Center for Islam and Science Canada, writes a scathing critique of Western intervention in Libya. But his accusing finger points equally at the Muslim puppet states that are backing this invasion.

So, if we have Western forces in Libya, and the Middle East continues to explode at the rate at which it is exploding, then where are we going with this open ended intervention: Are we at the beginning of a grand reconfiguration of the entire region? Are we at the beginning of a new world order in which Europe will claim its share of Muslim world along with the United States of America? If yes, then who is next? Syria is the obvious choice, as Yemen is too poor and too remote and all the other countries are already client states.

Imagine a new Middle East under Western control, with all its oil and riches serving the masters! Imagine the fate of some 1 billion Muslims whose lives will be reconfigured in a manner they cannot even imagine! And the irony of this situation is like countries like Pakistan, which can really play a role in stopping these new Crusaders are mired in an endless drama of no consequence.

I apologize Dr. Iqbal, my country is already busy murdering its own people. While our brothers die daily, Mr. Gilani is kissing up to his Indian counterpart who just granted him the opportunity to watch a cricket match! I guess the price really is that low.

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