Thursday, March 17, 2011

Davis' Release

It all happened in an instant and caught everyone by surprise. Raymond Davis was pardoned and whisked off on a special jet out of the country. This was of course bound to happen. Our "leaders" don't have a spine in their bodies and are highly susceptible to any requests by the US.

How did they know to have a special jet ready for him? How did the courts decide a verdict so quickly? There are reports that family members were "abducted" in the dead of night. If all this was "according to law", then why all the hush hush. Why was this deal not played out in the open?

According to some reports, this deal was in the making since February. Maybe John Kerry had something to do with it.

So all the King's horses and all the King's men finally managed to put Humpty Dumpty together again. What kind of strings did the Pakistan government pull in the Dr. Aafia case? None. In fact it handed Dr. Aafia over to the US quite gladly. But a CIA contractor, a spy, a cold blooded murderer is freed because he's a white US citizen and must be protected at all costs. Do we need any more proof that we are second rate citizens of the world? Is there any clearer proof that the rest of us are all slaves?

There have been protests throughout the country and more are planned in the coming days. But are protests enough to account our leaders' treachery, while they sit in their ivory towers, untouched and unmoved by the plight of the common man?

The Pakistani camel has an unusually strong back and has been taking on straws that would have subdued any other nation. Will this straw be the one that finally breaks its back? Will these protests evolve into a mass movement? Who knows? Lets hope there is a peaceful way to bring Allah's justice to this country. Lets hope that it doesn't devolve into bloody revolution

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