Monday, March 7, 2011

Diplomacy vs. the Drone

The prime minister of Pakistan, Geelani Sahab has stated that it would be irresponsible for Pakistan to wage war over drone attacks. So basically, we can't consider an act of pure aggression, that has caused the deaths of thousands of civilians and has been condemned by numerous international organizations as a human rights violation at the least, as an act of war.

Or is it because of your love affair with the American dream Mr. Prime Minister? What have they promised you to sell out your soul, your people and your country? Guessing by the standards of our people, it probably didn't take much did it? Was that why you said you would act out a bunch of hollow protests against them? Is that what you mean by "diplomatic means"?

Masha Allah, you have such wonderful reasoning skills Geelani Sahab. I wonder what your response would have been if the drones were flying over your house? Shame on you Geelani Sahab. While you're lounging in your mansions, real, true Muslims are dying because of your i-dont-give-a-damn attitude. You have the power to stop this. Yet you do not do so. The rest is for Allah to decide. I hope you have a good answer prepared.

Here's a thought Mr. Prime Minister. Spend some time reading Surah Fajr. It might help you think straight.

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