Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japanese Tsunami a Warning?

Unless you've been living in a cave without access to modern communication or even another fellow man, you have seen the horrible destruction caused by an 8.9 earthquake in Japan, followed by a humongous tsunami. Check out some of the videos that are circulating. Cars, shipping containers, even whole houses are being swept away with the raging waters. The imags seem to be out of some horrific nightmare or even a doomsday Hollywood blockbuster!.

Experts are predicting catastrophic aftereffects. The rebuilding effort is going to cost Japan immensely. Japan's economy is already on the brink. It has the second largest debt to GDP ratio in the world. In fact Japan is likely to dump some (or all) of its US treasuries amounting to about 900 Billion dollars. This will of course cause even more problems for the US dollar. Insurance companies might be seeing bears for some time. Keep in mind also, that the world's electronics industry is centered in the Asia Pacific region. The tsunami is already having a devastating effect on the NAND flash market. The world economy is already in a whirlpool and this could be the straw that broke the camels back!

Not to mention the nuclear power plants at risk! Some have already lost their cooling systems. They now have no choice but to perform dangerous emergency procedures. Could this turn into Chernobyl part two?
All of this devastation has been caused by an earthquake who's epicenter was off the coast, in a country with strict building regulations, using earthquake proof materials, and tsunami defences which are one of the best in the world! Imagine what would have happened if the quake had hit in our part of the world. How many people would have died? How many buildings would have been leveled. A 7.7 magnitude quake in Quetta in 1935, destroyed the whole city.
But we already know what our rulers would do in such a situation, thanks to the flood crisis last year. We should expect no better from them in light of a similar catastrophe in the future.

This quake was preceded by one in China, and another in the waters of the Pacific. Should we not see this quake as Allah's will? As a sign of his great power? Should we not use this event to bring ourselves closer to our Lord? This should be a warning to all people in the world to mend their ways. These events are a test for our resolve. Do we love the life of this dunya or do we love Allah? How will we face Allah if all at once our world moved around us and swallowed us whole?

Think about it.

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