Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Real Agenda in the Middle East

Landdestroyer does a good job exposing American foreign policy
This echos the forewarning of historian and noted geopolitical analyst Dr. Webster Tarpley who has from the beginning stated that the various possible governments resulting from these engineered revolutions "could then be used to support the fundamental US-UK strategy for the Middle East, which is to assemble a block of Arab and Sunni countries (notably Egypt, Saudis, Gulf states, and Jordan) which, formed into a front with the participation of Israel, would collide with the Iranian Shiite front, including Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and various radical forces."
This friday's Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia could have far-reaching consequences as well.
To assess the accuracy of Pollack's analysis, the upcoming Saudi "Day of Rage" on March 11 and whether or not it is thrown under the bus or propelled to the height of violence, chaos, and disruption seen in Egypt and Libya, must be considered. Should the Saudis come out the other side unscathed, concessions will have been agreed upon, and as Dr. Tarpley has warned, we will be one step closer to war with Iran.
Let's hope and pray for the Arabs to come to their senses.

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