Friday, March 11, 2011

Reuters Lies

Reuters fooled the world when it showed a picture of Libya from 1996 and tried passing it off as recent. The move was meant to show a picture of an unstable Libya. Could this really be a part of American foreign policy in the region?
This photo is posted on several blogs across the internet with the caption and credits to Reuters. At first glance the photo looks convincing but looking at it for merely a second, one huge mistake sticks out. The date, 06/29/1996 with the number 1200 is printed right next to it. If this is a picture of “a protester looking at photos of protesters who were killed during the last few days”, what does the date mean??
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Regardless of the claims of the US, it seems clear which way they are headed.
Clinton told the House of Representatives appropriations committee on Thursday that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama was keeping all options on the table for possible stronger measures on Libya, and was seeking to build bridges to Libyan opposition figures.
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Build bridges? Does she mean from Saudi Arabia maybe?

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