Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The State of the World

An earthquake and a tsunami in Japan cause widespread destruction, and fears of radiation leaking out, causing a second Chernobyl.

People in Egypt rally against their tyrant ruler and try to overthrow him, violent clashes ensue.

Saudi Arabia stifled a Shiite protest and sent troops to Bahrain to protect the monarchy against an angered populace.

Greeks are protesting against their government, and against rising prices.

Aftershocks in Japan continue unabated, causing panic and destruction.

China experienced its own series of earthquakes before and after the one in Japan.

Just a few weeks ago a major earthquake hit New Zealand.

Go back to last year, and the world saw one of the worst flooding in the worlds' history. Pakistan was just one of the places affected. Countries all over the world, from Poland to Peru, experienced extensive flooding and widespread destruction.

The United Kingdom experienced the worst winter in 30 years in 2010.

The United States saw record snow this winter.

There are too many more examples to quote than time or space permits. The question is, why? Why are all of these things happening all of a sudden. This is not just due to global warming. Protesters in Tunisia were not feeling too warm or too cold when they came out on the streets. It seems the reasons are much more complex and at the same time inter-related.

As a Muslim, I see these as acts of Allah. But the question still remains, why? Why now? Why so many things all at once?

There is a theory that when Allah wants something to happen, he sets the stage for it. When the Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) was to be born, He created conditions in Mecca that were suitable for this event. Refer to Al-Fil. I quote the tafsir from here
This is one of the favors Allah did for the Quraysh. He saved them from the People of the Elephant who had tried to tear down the Ka`bah and wipe out all traces of its existence. Allah destroyed them, defeated them, thwarted their plans, made their efforts in vain and sent them back routed. They were people who were Christians, and thus, their religion was closer to the True Religion (Islam) than the idolatry of the Quraysh. However, this was a means of giving a sign and preparing the way for the coming of the Messenger of Allah .
Perhaps Allah is preparing the stage right now for some event that is to come. Whether you believe that or not, there is no denying the fact that these things are happening right now. What will happen next? Stay tuned.

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