Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Recently I had the privilege of being blocked at an intersection because of "VIP movement", which usually means some bigwig in the government-mafia is passing through and needs to stall hundreds if not thousands of other lowly citizens even though it was nearing the time of Maghrib and we all know how tight that time is.

So I got to thinking, why is this culture prevalent? Is it because we like to see other people suffer on our account? Can't a VIP stand in line just like the rest of us, or does he hate ordinary people so much that he can't wait to be far from them. (A mosque in a certain Army cantonment near me is blocked to the public on Friday's, maybe this is the reason.)

Or maybe its how privileged people should treat the rest of humanity. With utter disdain. Maybe we have learned this from the days of the British Raj, when I imagine, a passing horse drawn carriage would have had blocked other traffic for itself, or even cleared roads. Like what happens in Britain today when the royal procession needs to make an appearance. Why are we aping the very people who would rather see us fail?

I guess we've been implanted with this idea that in order to appear like we're worth something, we have to act like we're worth something. And to do that we have to crush the worthless populace under our toes.

Is this the same reason we consider reading up on literary classics as a "noble" thing, and one who hasn't read Tolstoy or Hemingway as beneath our level of intelligence? Perhaps. One thing is for sure: most of it is just in our heads.

I wonder if Allah blesses me with such power or wealth, would I devolve into a dunya loving monster? I can only pray against it.

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