Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rising India through an Indian's eyes

An excellent article by Pankaj Mishra tumbled through my aggregator today. At least some people in India have still got their eyes open. Here are some of the more juicier parts.

In 2008, the aide to an old courtier of the Nehru-Gandhi family showed a US diplomat two chests containing $25m in cash – money to bribe members of parliament into voting for an India-US nuclear deal, itself a prelude to massive US arms sales to India. Publicly opposed to the nuclear deal, the leaders of the Hindu nationalist BJP are at pains to reassure American diplomats of their pro-US credentials, even dissing their murderous Hindu nationalism as opportunistic, a mere "talking point".

Moral: Never trust a democrat.

... even the racketeers of Pakistani military and intelligence appear dignified when compared with the Indians stampeding to plant kisses on US behinds.

Nicely put, and true!

these are tense days and nights for many politicians, business people and journalists. They probably hope the bad news is buried by the cricket World Cup celebrations. They will also try to prove their fealty to the father of the Indian nation – last week politicians vied with each other to threaten a sensitive study of Gandhi by the American writer Joseph Lelyveld with proscription

A certain April 4 dog-and-pony show seems suspiciously similar.

... there is nothing more un-Gandhian than this supra-national elite's wild cravings for power and wealth, and its indifference to suffering – a pathology of economic globalisation that Egyptians and Tunisians will soon learn elected governments don't cure, and even help conceal.

See? People know democracy is not the answer. We should wake up too. Soon preferably.

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