Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden: Questions Left Unanswered

In the wake of today's events, there has been a lot of debate and conjecture. The world it seems, is once again focused on Pakistan, with an evil eye.

He's dead, but the US wants to continue the war. For what reason? I have no idea. I guess the twisted Keynesian concept of war being beneficial to an economy might be used to sell it. The US is so addicted to war that it can't survive without a fix. Its like a drug addict. If it doesn't get war it gets uncomfortable and angry.

Apparently Bin Laden was found in a compound near a Pakistan Army base in Abbottabad. This is supposed to put pressure on Pakistan and its governmental agencies for literally having Osama under their noses for 10 years. (Abbottabad is roughly 30 miles from Islamabad, the capital.)

Read the description of the compound.

A senior US administration official said: "When we saw the compound, we were shocked by what we saw: an extraordinarily unique compound.". The building, about eight times the size of other nearby houses, had walls 4-6 metres (12-18ft) high, topped with barbed wire.

That kind of reminds me of another compound I've seen in Islamabad. Here's a picture.

The photographer was apparently not able to get any closer. You can see an SUV outside to compare the size of the walls. And I can tell you for a fact those walls are topped by razor wire not barbed wire. Guess what that is? The US embassy in Islamabad. Now why would a US official be shocked to see a building like that when he has probably seen this place?

But wait there's more! Here's an old picture of the one in Karachi. This picture shows the embassy under construction but it's done and (probably) occupied now.

By the way. There was a little mosque on that plot of land which they had to demolish. And by "they" I mean the Pakistani government who sold the land. Here's a picture of some our fearless leaders "breaking ground", content that they destroyed the masjid.

So it's really hard to understand how such a compound could possibly be shocking for someone who practically lives in one of them. There's nothing "unique" about it.

There are still a lot of questions left unanswered. The US dumping the body in the sea doesn't help either. Who identified the body? How was it confirmed that it was Bin Laden? Why, with all the world's sophisticated imaging equipment was not even one picture taken and shared with the public? What are they trying to hide? How did they know exactly where to look?

Besides this, where the heck was the Pakistan Army? Were they sleeping while this was happening? Or had they given tacit approval for this to happen? Who is to be held responsible for this obvious breach of sovereignty? Who allowed US Army goons to run amok on Pakistani soil. Osama or no Osama, nothing is an excuse for this breach. What next? Today they came for Bin Laden unchallenged. Tomorrow they will knock down your door.

There's no denying that there are certain "beneficial" results of this action. The US' decade long war, which has been losing popularity among Americans now has a "legitimate" reason. A poll conducted just last week showed that 53% of those polled were dissatisfied with Obama's handling of the war. He was also losing ground with those people who had voted him in office in the first place.

When news broke of Osama's death, out came the champagne in the US. See for yourself. A review of those poll numbers might be in order. No doubt Obama's popularity would improve after this event. His speech announcing the death, stresses that all the leadership actions were taken by him and him alone.

"I directed Leon Panetta,... I met repeatedly with my national security team ... I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action ... "

Give us a big smile Obama. Take a bow. The world is set to give another idiot the chance to play God for four more years.


Anonymous said...

Well, first I am an American who thinks Obama is a imbarresment not to mention failure as President, but I am glad to say he handled the the UBL situation perfectly. However most of your argument seems to be about this U.S. official andf his finding such a compund in the area being "odd". Well a U.S. Embasy with razor wire around it is not odd, but a house in the middle of a residential/farm area with high walls and barbed wire is very odd to say the least. Even more odd is the fact this cowardly cold blooded killer lived in an area populated with Pakastani military and retired government officials. That does not say much for your Government or Pakastan Inteligence. Fact is they knew Bin Laden was there or they are just idiots. Furthermore, You seem to have no problem recieving billions from our country, only a problem with our boys coming in to catch a scum bag that has killed or planed the killing of thousands of Americans, Americans who's tax money goes to your ungreatful country. God Bless

Zohair said...

Obama is a failure as a president. Give me one success as a president. This is your democracy in action?

Most of my article is about this official's statement because I wanted to show the ridiculous nature of it. Barbed wire on walls is a common feature on most any building in Pakistan even in the country, so there really is nothing "odd" about it. If you look at the pictures of the "compound", its a mud hole! It's not the "palace" that news reports will tell you. It does not have security fences and paraphernalia that reports tell you. Its a simple residential compound just like any other in Pakistan. The windows don't even have bars! You probably don't know this but *all* houses in Pakistan have boundary walls. For a US official to say this is "surprising" is ridiculous. Either he's never been to Pakistan or he was handed a script.

In the article I point out that there is *no* proof that OBL was indeed found where the US says he was, aside from the US' word. And we all know what that's worth after the Iraq fiasco right? You want me to take the word of the US without even a single picture? If it was OBL, how come nobody took a trophy shot? This is frankly unbelievable.

I do have a problem with my government receiving billions from your country. I would rather it stopped immediately. This is not aid, its a bribe.

Your boys should have asked permission. Think about it this way, if they have no problem invading a country half-way around the globe, what makes you think they will respect your own home's privacy?

Thousands of Americans killed eh? Then who's responsible for the thousands of Pakistanis killed? Who's responsible for the millions of Afghani's killed? Who's responsible for the millions of Iraqis killed? Who's responsible for the thousands of Libyans killed? I guess since you're on top of the world you don't have to answer those questions.

We don't want your tax (read bribe) money. So stop sending it. Period.